Civil Aviation Department, Haryana was established after the reorganization of State on 1st November 1966 to train pilots by encouraging the art of flying among the people of the State. Two Aviation Training Centres Hisar and Karnal came to the share of Haryana. At present, there are four Civil Airstrips in the State at Bhiwani, Karnal, Narnaul and Pinjore, and one licensed airport at Hisar. In addition, two Defence Aerodromes are also located at Sirsa and Ambala. There are two Aviation Centers of Haryana Institute of Civil Aviation i.e. Karnal and Pinjore. Flying training is provided at Pinjore and Karnal.

    The main activities of Civil Aviation Haryana are as under:-

    • Construction of civil aerodromes in the State and maintenance and development of existing airstrips which have navigational facilities.
    • Providing flying training to trainees for obtaining Commercial Pilot Licence, Flight Instructor Rating on Aircraft and Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Licence Training for apprentices.
    • Providing scholarship and concessional flying to trainees to Haryana domicile and sanctioning of grant-in-aid to aviation centers in order to provide financial assistance for their smooth functioning.
    • Procurement and maintenance of aircraft and other avionics machinery and equipment for providing training.
    • Providing air transport services to the VIPs of the State.
    • Setting up of training academies i.e HICA, for the purpose of profession relating to Civil Aviation.
    • Implementation of Rules of Directorate General of Civil Aviation(DGCA).


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