Activities & Achievements

    Development Of International Aviation HUB at Hisar

    The Haryana Government is having basic infrastructure at Hisar which can be used for development of an Integrated Aviation Hub which aims to capture both, short, medium and long term opportunities arising out of a booming aviation sector in India.

    Existing Infrastructure –

    • Government owned land – 4,200 acres adjoining the Hisar airfield
    • Airstrip (4000*150 feet)
    • Hangars, terminal building and compound wall
    • Operational Flying Club
    1. In furtherance to this objective, the State Government engaged an international consultant, M/s Frost, and Sullivan in March 2016, to have conduct a feasibility study regarding development of an Integrated Aviation Hub including an International Airport at Hisar. The feasibility study has been completed and has indicated strong viability for the project.
    2. The state government floated an EOI in 17.02.2017 and held a meeting was held with interested developers to gauge interest and feedback on 10th March 2017. Top airport & infrastructure developers including GMR, GVK, and Essel Infra, Bird Group, L&T, BAPL have expressed interest in the project.
    3. State Government has decided that the existing Hisar airport would be upgraded into an Integrated Aviation Hub in three phases as under:

    1. Phase – I
      • Domestic Airport under the Regional Connectivity Scheme (RCS)
    2. Phase – II
      • Small scale MRO
      • Fixed base operations (FBO)
      • Defence Manufacturing and Defence MRO
    3. Phase – III
      • Aerospace Manufacturing
      • Aviation Training Centre and Aviation University
      • International Airport
      • Aerotropolis – Commercial and Residential


    1. 4200 acres of land contiguous to the existing airstrip belonging the different departments of the State Government has been identified for establishing the Integrated Aviation Hub.
      Approval has been obtained from Hon’ble CM to transfer this land to the Civil Aviation Department.
    2. A meeting was held under Chairmanship of Chief Secretary to Govt. of Haryana on 30.06.2017 in which all the departments agreed in principle to transfer the land to CAD. Formal notification in this regard are being issued.

    Phase – I Domestic Airport under the Regional Connectivity Scheme (RCS)

    1. In the short term, it has been decided that the airport may be developed into a Regional Connectivity Service airport under the UDAN scheme of the Ministry of Civil Aviation, Government of India. The overall objective of this scheme is to stimulate regional air connectivity by making it affordable. To achieve these objectives, Central and State Governments will reduce the cost of airlines operations on regional routes and provide financial support to meet the revenue gap, if any, of the operators. The OLS study for category-III Airport, PCN evaluation test, and surface friction test for the existing airstrip have already got been conducted through the AAI.
    2. An MoU was signed between the Ministry of Civil Aviation, Govt. of India (MoCA), Government of Haryana, and Airports Authority of India (AAI) (Implementing Agency) on 07.07.2017.
    3. An MoU has been signed on 11.12.2017 between the Civil Aviation Department Haryana and the Airport Authority of India for providing technical assistance for the development of the International Aviation Hub at Hisar and the development of other airports in the state.
    4. Based on the inputs received during the stakeholder consultations, it has been decided to offer the following decisions need to present Hisar as a preferred destination for RCS/sub base operations for operators in addition to the incentives already offered in the MoU signed between GoH, AAI and MoCA:-
      1. The State Government will allow Class-II & above employees to avail RCS flights for official purposes and LTC
      2. The parking and landing charges will be rationalized, broadly on the pattern of AAI, so that Hisar airport becomes a preferred destination for parking and basing operations.
    5. It is planned to complete the execution of phase II activities & DPR for phase III within the next 18 months. Civil Aviation Deptt. has requested AAI for carrying out studies and
      providing technical drawings and master plan for the extension of runway from 4000 ft to 9000 ft.:-

      1. Passenger Terminal Building being remodeled for approx 50 pax.
      2. Resurfacing of existing 1220×45 m airstrip of LCN 20.
      3. Expansion of existing Taxi track and construction of new taxi track.
      4. New apron 380×90 m for ATR parking.
      5. Boundary wall repair and security audit by BCAS.
      6. ATC building enhancement for ATS services Tower Frequency 122.5 MHz
      7. Up-gradation of Fire fighting Equipment.
      8. Training of State Police in Aviation related duties by BCAS.
    6. Passenger Terminal Building and Re-carpeted runway has been inaugurated by Hon’ble Chief Minister Haryana on 15.08.2018.
    7. There is the possibility that flight will be started under Regional Connectivity Scheme(RCS) from January 2019 at Hisar Airport
    8. DGCA has issued Aerodrome Licence for operating commercial flights from Hisar Airport vide letter dated 27.09.2018.
    9. Three hangers have been constructed at Hisar Airport for housing the aircraft and starting MRO facilities
    10. Finance Department has given approval for giving Viable Gap Funding (VGF) to operators for provide Fixed Wing shuttle services between Hisar-Chandigarh-Dehradun, Hisar-Chandigarh-Jammu, Hisar-Jaipur.
    11. M/s Air Taxi (Aviation Connectivity & Infrastructure Development Pvt. Ltd.) has started RCS-Flight under RCS-UDAN-III from 14.01.2021 inaugurated by Hon’ble Chief Minister, Haryana.
    12. Naming of Hisar Airport: In the Cabinet meeting dated 05.08.2021 Hisar Airport has been renamed as Maharaja Agrasen Airport.

    Phase – II

    The foundation stone for the Phase-II development of the Project was laid by Hon’ble CM on 03.03.2019. The tasks completed during the Phase-II of the Project are as under:

    1. Renewal of Aerodrome license from DGCA till 26.09.2022.
    2. Construction of Airport Fire Station of Aerodrome fire category IV.
    3. Extension of boundary wall for amalgamation of large hangers.
    4. Construction of Internal road and four lane approach road to airport.
    5. Provisioning of ATC, CNS and BCAS officials under RCS.
    6. Issue of Consent to Operate (CTO) by HSPCB on 07.12.2019.
    7. Submission of final detailed project report (DPR) by AAI in Fe., 2020.
    8. Submission of dedicated High-Speed Rail connectivity DPR by HRIDC.
    9. Allotment of Hangar to M/s SpiceJet Ltd for FTO on 15.01.2020.
    10. AVSEC training of non-security staff by BCAS on 24.02.2020.
    11. Induction of High-Tech Crash Fire Tender by AAI on 19.02.2020
    12. Counting of trees in entire 7200 acres completed i.e total 55896 trees.
    13. Fire Safety drawings of airport approved by State ULB 19.05.2020.
    14. Successfully conduct of Public Hearing on 10.06.2020 for Environment Clearance from MoEF.
    15. Stage-I Forest Clearance for IAH Project, by Forest Department
    16. Issue RCE Rs. 63.27 Lakh dated 04.09.2020 for maintenance of Hisar Airport Airfield.
    17. An estimated cost of Rs. 1,55,50,729/- was released to replace the electricity wires at Hisar Airports
    18. A Administrative sanction of Rupees 146.57 lakhs has been issued for the for the construction of Monsoon streams at Hisar Airport.
    19. A Administrative sanction of rupees 459900 dated 06.08.2020 was issued for counting and demarcation of trees at 7200 acres land of Hisar Airport.
    20. Last EIA report was submitted on 01.09.2020. Regarding which the presentation was scheduled on 24.09.2020.
    21. Hon’ble Chief Minister was Bhoomi Pujan for the expansion of 3000 feet runway on 27.10.2020.
    22. Earlier Ministry of forest and climate control has already given environment clearance and environment management programme for the development of Hisar Airport vide their letter no. 010-31/2019/I.A.III dated 23.11.2020.The Government has already follow the environment rules and directions stately.
    23. Rupees 179.86 Crores has already given for expansion and construction the parellal taxiway, PPT, link road and remote apron. The process for establishing the machinery & equipments has already been processed by concerned agency.

    Pinjore Airstrip:

    1. Runway lights installation in progress.
    2. Issue Admin approval of Rs. 985.94 lakh dated 01.07.2021 for ATC & Passenger terminal building.
    3. Issue Admin approval of Rs. 4.62 lakh dated 04.08.2021 for construction of boundary wall.
    4. Issue Admin approval of Rs. 3.66 lakh dated 23.08.2021 for Pvdg & grill fixing at corners of boundary wall
    5. Issue Admin approval of Rs. 2.88 lakh dated 09.09.2021 for shifting of CCR room and replacement of wiring in police post.
    6. Issue Admin approval of Rs. 9.24 lakh dated 20.09.2021 for renovation of police post, hangar no 1 & 2

    Phase – III :(Aerospace Manufacturing, Aviation Training Centre and Aviation University, International Airport, Aerotropolis – Commercial and Residential)

    For this purpose, a Detailed Project Report including Master Planning, Detailed Passenger Survey, and forecast study will have to be conducted after which eligible bidders are proposed to be invited for developing the International Aviation Hub as per the model to be decided (PPP, BOT, DBFT, etc.). For this purpose, the department could engage AAI or RITES who have expertise in the field.

    Institutional framework :

    As an immediate step, a Joint Working Group for International Aviation Hub has been formed to enable Haryana Government to take technical decisions in-house and expedite the entire process.

    Proposal for enhancing Rail connectivity between Delhi and Hisar

    A meeting was held between Hon’ble CM Haryana and Hon’ble Union Minister of Railways on 29.12.2017 at New Delhi. In the meeting, it was decided that the work for direct rail connectivity between New Delhi and Hisar would be expedited and appropriately strengthened to accommodate super fast trains. This will reduce the distance and time taken to travel between Hisar and New Delhi and would also enhance the viability of the International Aviation Hub at Hisar. Accordingly the Detailed Project Report for dedicated Rail Connectivity of IAH, Hisar Airport and DPR for enhancement of Rail Speed to 13-160 KMPH has been submitted by HRIDC vide their letter No.HRIDC/PRDH-53/2019/42. The same is under the process of Govt. of Haryana.

    Proposal for developing controlled-access expressway from Delhi to Hisar

    A meeting was held between Hon’ble CM Haryana and Hon’ble Union Minister of Road Transport and Highways on 22.12.2017 at New Delhi. It has been decided that the existing four-lane national highway between New Delhi and Hisar will be converted into a six-lane controlled-access expressway for rapid connectivity between the two cities. This will give a boost to the economic development of the area and enhance the viability of the International Aviation Hub at Hisar.

    Development of New International Civil Air Terminal At Chandigarh:-

    A Memorandum of Undertaking was signed on 4.1.2008 between the Air Ports Authority of India, Government of Punjab, and Government of Haryana for the development of New
    International Civil Air Terminal, Chandigarh. The equity shareholder will be 51% by the Airports Authority of India and 24.5% each by the Government of Punjab and Haryana. This airport has become functional in the month of November for flying operations. The project was inaugurated by the Hon’ble PM on 11.09.2015. At present there are two issues are pending with the Airports Authority of India/Ministry of Civil Aviation, Govt. of India of this project:-

    Direct approach road for connectivity:

    29th meeting of the Northern Zonal Council was held on 20.09.2019 under the Chairmanship of Hon’ble Home Minister, Govt. of India at Chandigarh.
    Special Secretary, ISCS stated that the distance of new Airport Terminal Building of Chandigarh has increased from Panchkula and for this Haryana Government has prepared a Technical Feasibility Report through DMRC for a new route for which estimated cost is Rs.1357 Crores. With this new route if we come from Panchkula the distance will be far less. Distances will get reduced as follows:

    Sr.No. Punjab Town Existing Distance to Airport Proposed Distance to Airport
    1. Zirakpur 13.7 Km 9.6 Km
    2. Mohali 16 Km 13.1 Km
    3. Mohali (Kisan Bhawan IT Park) 20 Km 17 Km
    4. Kalka-Shimla Highway 11.7 Km 9.6 Km

    The Hon’ble Chief Minister, Punjab, however, refused to share the cost stating that they do not want it as inhabitants of Punjab come to airport from Mohali side.CM, Haryana stated that it will save several kms of distance in going from Mohali to Chandigarh and Panchkula also. CM, Punjab stated that we are going through great economic stress and, therefore, are not able to participate in any project.
    The Special Secretary, ISCS stated that one top-of-the-head idea is that keeping the population and distance in view, the cost can be shared proportionately as Haryana will be benefitting more but Punjab will also benefit to some extent.
    The Hon’ble Chief Minister, Haryana stated that there is one more proposal involving only Rs.60 crores that in Sector 48 an overbridge can be made on the nallah and an underpass below the railway line near the village and STP Plant. This will reduce the distance. Finally, it was decided to examine all these aspects afresh and prepare a fresh proposal accordingly. This item was dropped.

    • Decision: Item dropped and to be examined ab-initio in the context of above reasons:
    • Action by: Haryana, Chandigarh & Punjab Governments, Ministry of Defence and ISCS

    A D.O. letter dated 21.11.2019 was written by Worthy CS, Haryana to CS, Punjab regarding alternative access to Chandigarh International Airport.
    A D.O. letter No. CSO/2020/1622328/1 dated 27.01.2020 has been received from Chief Secretary to Government of Punjab in reference to D.O. letter No. Aviation-E-2019/6242 dated 21.11.2019 written by CS, Haryana. In which they have stated that as suggested for new approach roads to the Chandigarh International Airport for the benefit of Punjab, Haryana, and UT Chandigarh.
    The meeting has not taken place to date.

    Renaming of Civil Air Terminal at Chandigarh.

    An official resolution regarding the renaming of the Civil Air Terminal at Chandigarh was passed unanimously by the Haryana Vidhan Sabha on 31st March 2016. Thereafter a D.O. letter dated 08.04.2016 was written to Hon’ble Minister of State for Civil Aviation, Government of India by Hon’ble CM, Haryana regarding the renaming of Civil Air Terminal at Chandigarh as “Shaheed Bhagat Singh International Airport, Chandigarh”.

    This matter was discussed in the 29th Meeting of Northern Zonal Council, which has been held on 20.09.2019 at 11:00 AM in Hotel Hyatt Regency, Chandigarh which was held under the Chairmanship of Hon’ble Union Home Minister. Even after prolonged deliberations, the issue remained unresolved. The Chairman then directed that this issue may be dropped from the agenda of the Council and the current name may continue as such without any change at all.

    • Decision : Item Dropped status quo to be maintained regarding name