Operational Airfields

    Sl No. Name of Aerodromes Total land/area Whether land falls in controlled area Whether night flying electrification facilities are available or not Length and widening of runway Status of buildings available at aerodromes i.e. Hangar, Admn. Block, Hostel, VIP lounge etc View On Map
    1. Pinjore 96 Acres. No. No. 3000’x120′ 2 Hangar (100’x75′ each ), Admn block, Hostel,2 residential quarters for officers & VIP Lounge. View
    2. Karnal 104 Acres. Yes. Night Landing Facility Available. 3000’x150′ 1 Hangar, Admn. block, Hostel, 2 Officers Residen-tial quarters, VIP Lounge. View
    3. Hisar 4200 Acres. No. Goose Necks facility only. 4000’x150′ 2 Hangar (85’x72′) & ( 96’x 70′), Admn block, VIP Lounge, Hostel ( old). View
    4. Bhiwani 125 Acres. No. No. 3517’x75′ 1 Hangar, 1 VIP Lounge. View
    5. Narnaul 58 Acres. No. No. 3000’x75′ Admn.- Cum-VIP Lounge. View