CORRIGENDUM – 2 TO TENDER NO. 2019_HRY_101127_1 /EVENT NO. DATED 04.09.2019

    Publish Date: January 11, 2022

    CORRIGENDUM – 2 dated 10-Oct-2019

    TO TENDER NO. 2019_HRY_101127_1 /EVENT NO. DATED 04.09.2019

    E-tender for the Annual Maintenance Contract and CAMO Sub Contract for the next three years from interested maintenance agencies based at New Delhi for EC 145 helicopter VT-HRY.

    On the basis of the discussion held with the representative of MROs Companies on 27.09.2019, some suggestions were given by the companies namely M/s Indocopter Pvt. Ltd., M/s Mjets Indamer Airport & M/s Deccan Charter Services have been accepted by the department and also included in the terms & conditions of e-tender. The remaining term and conditions of the e-tender will remain the same.

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